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Fresh energy, concentration and happy employees in your meetings
Health-conscious employees in your meetings
More attention and receptivity in your meetings


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In the TwoMinuteMeetingMove-Showroom you get two more (complete) videos to try out in your next meeting. Also, the showroom is a template for how your own TwoMinuteMeetingMove streaming platform can look like.
You can find out how to get into the showroom in the FAQ’s below.

The TwoMinuteMeetingMove-Video Platform

Annual Subscription

All videos in English & German


Yearly Subscription

999 €

(plus 19% VAT)




Don’t miss the opportunity to inspire your team with a live online keynote speech by Robin Müller-Schober. (350 Euro + 19% VAT)

In the 20-minute impulse keynote, Robin will deliver in his motivating way the convincing arguments why these regularly used
TwoMinuteMeetingMove-Videos bring so many incredible positive effects with them.

Give your team a „120 second Energy PitStop“ in every meeting and experience the difference.

Showroom - Customized streaming platform for your company

The streaming platform is customized to your company, department or team. For this purpose, we have provided specific sections on the site where you can determine the content.

All you and your employees need is the LINK to the streaming platform and the password.

Come to our TwoMinuteMeetingMove-ShowRoom to get an exact picture of how your company’s streaming platform can look like. You’ll also get two more full 2MMM videos in the showroom to try out in your next meeting.

LINK: [Showroom]

Password: move

Are there more videos

You can purchase additional videos at any time. The starter package gives you a wonderful overview of different „movement topics“ that you can offer in your meetings. If you particularly like one or another topic, you can purchase additional videos for these topics. Individually or in a „bundle“, with or without the german version.

Contact us for your offer: Info@TwoMinuteMeetingMove.com


Within the annual subscription, the videos may only be used within the company. The videos may not be reproduced, resold or loaned by the purchaser of the subscription.



You Have More Questions - Find your answer here
We can well understand that you have even more questions running through your mind. We would be happy to address these questions individually in a personal conversation with you.

Just send an email to Info@TwoMinuteMeetingMove.com or use the contact form on this page.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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