ROBSTR in a Nutshell – for all english-speaking visitors on my homepage –

My name is Robin and I was born in Stuttgart. That is what ROBSTR stands for. ROBin and STuttgaRt.

„ROBSTR in a Nutshell“ is just to give you a quick overview of what I do. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to send me an email and I will get in touch with you: Info (at) or you can use the contact form below.

_I am a holistic health and fitness coach (since 2002) and train people from all walks of life. If you just want to get in shape, be healthier, want to be more athletic, or lose some weight, I am pretty sure I can help you. I also coach elderly people to make sure they can enjoy their daily lives at home or even in a home for elderly people.

_I am also a speaker for health-related topics in my field. I love to speak to people. I mostly speak at company events or show up in a digital format within their meetings. Either with a speaking session or a movement session.

_I also design corporate health concepts and consult companies. One of my favourite concepts is the „TwoMinuteMeetingMove„.

_I am a passionate blogger. [Visit Blog here]

_I released my first book in 2024. [Official homepage of the book]

_You can visit my “Pushcasthere, where I once in a while interview interesting people in a unique kind of way.

_You can join hundrets of 100 Push-Ups Session on my Instagram. I want you to be able to do 100 Push-Ups.

_I have a free digital program for schools and universities. It is called the “TwoMinuteClassRoomMove“.

And this is about it. Deep in my heart, I am a fitness and health coach. I just love to train with people and see how they improve.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with me.Even if you are still not sure if I can help you. Just gimme a call and we figure it out.


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