I have been invited by Katia LM via Facebook to a post, where I am asked to say „Thank You“ three times a day for seven days in a row. Thank you Katia, I think that is a very wonderful thing to do but I will just do it here once today and I´m not gonna invite somebody else, because it is not easy to do this when asked out of the blue. Anybody just feel free if you want.

I´ll put this in my blog and not on a regular facebook post. I have always said that my life is not a book that everbody can read in. Those rare people I do tell, I trust deeply. I broadcast my self already way too much over those social media applications currently.

To be honest, I thank for every each and single second in my life. And I am not exaggerating when I say that every second so far would be worth to drop dead. Of course there were good and there were bad times. But this is what life is about. I know, both will always be ahead and I can´t wait to face them. Because that is what life is about. Imagine how boring it would be if things were always going great. It is always way more interessting to get back up and do it better the next time! You have to enjoy the ride. No matter what.

I really do think when you look back on your life, to every point of time, it is always better if you can say „I tried to… „, not „I wished I would have“…

As I always try to tell people something they can apply in their own lifes through my blog acticles, I certainly will try give you here some advice as well. It is your choice anyway what you make out of it.

Think positive. Always. Try to see the good in all things. Never give up finding the job, the life, whatever that makes you happy. Real happy. It doesen´t matter how long it will take you. Just don´t stop trying! If you don´t know what makes you happy, ….we got a severe problem. How will you then know, when happiness arrives? I picked up a good quote, just don´t know who said it: „Success is getting what you want. Happines is wanting what you get.“

Always be good to other people. Treat everyone like you want to be treated. You don´t know what happend in their lives that made them you probably don´t like. When was the last time you just held the door open for some stranger, some old lady somewhere? Try those little things. They make you feel great. If they don´t do those things to you, that is no reason for stop doing it.Foto 07.09.14 16 53 14

Well, I probably could continue here for quite a while. But I do think you got the message. And well, like I said before, my life is not a book where everybody can read in…

Thanks again Katia for making me think about that and writing it down. That is my kind of way to feel better. And you know what:
… I don´t care what anybody else now thinks about me 🙂

Always follow your heart!


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