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How to use the 2MCM-Videos

Application of the 2MCM-Videos

The two highest requirements for the application of the TwoMinuteClassRoomMove (2MCM) are:

1. extremely user-friendly and

2. absolutely practicable to use in the classroom.


Access to 2MCM video platform

Access to the 2MCM video platform should only be available to the teacher, who then feeds the videos into the classroom via an access medium (e.g. laptop). Students do not need access to the platform.

The only requirements to use it in your class are:

  • Access medium (laptop / tablet / smartphone / PC) with:
  • Transmission possibility e.g.:
    • Projection screen (via beamer) or smartboard for face-to-face lessons.
    • Sharing of the screen for online lessons
  • Online access
  • LINK to video platform and password


Play the videos

  1. Go to the: 2MCM Videoplatform
    – You will first be asked to enter a password before entering the protected area.
  2. Enter the following password to enter the protected area: 2mcm
  • Each video is provided with a title, a short description and the information about the language (English or German) in which it is recorded for your selection.
  • When you click on the image (video thumbnail), the video starts.
  • Each video starts with a 10 seconds countdown, to have some time for e.g. technical settings and also for the participants, who can position themselves in the meantime.
  • By using the settings, displayed in the video in the navigation bar (volume | picture in picture | full screen), you can decide how you want to play the video into your lessons.
    • If the „full screen“ icon is not displayed in the navigation bar of the video:
      • either make the browser window larger or
      • enlarge the screen view (Windows: press „Ctrl and +“).


Try some videos out, before using it in class for the first time. Often you still need to check the setting to make sure that the sound of the video is also transmitted or that the speakers are connected.


Thank you for your feedback

The 2MCM will be further developed by your feedback. We want the 2MCM to work in the classroom.
Since we have not yet made the feedback form available in English, we ask you to send us all your suggestions, wishes, ideas and criticisms by email.

Every message is welcome.


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